Affordable. On-Demand. Delivered. Healthcare, like it should be.

Same-day primary care, via house visits and over video chats. All for $1+ per day.


Introducing Kavira Health

Kavira Health is where personalized healthcare and technology meet. We have designed a personalized membership around you.

All-Inclusive Subscription, for just $1+ per day. No insurance, no copays, no surprise bills

Same-day appointments that start on-time

Patient-driven visit length

Care delivered – house visits and on-demand via our app

Digital first, patient-centered app, making communication easy

Unlimited care at no extra cost

Easy booking and Rx renewals via our app

Experts to help navigate the healthcare maze

Modern Healthcare, Simplified

You’ll never have to “go to the doctor” again

Step 1:

We are digital first: Text, message, or video-chat a Kavira Health provider now

Step 2:

If needed, we’ll pay you a house visit!

Step 3:

Relax and stay healthy

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